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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Susie Vandehey Jurgensen. I am the Principal Broker and Owner of Welcome Home Realty, LLC. I have been working as a Real Estate Broker since 2007. With a background working with investors, including purchasing properties at the courthouse steps.  I have a very diverse background and know how to find the best deals in the market. I really enjoy taking that investor knowledge and sharing it with move in buyers. I have a lot of fun assisting buyers in the hunt for the perfect home. I love getting to know them and seeing their eyes light up when they know they have found their next home.

My passion is listings.  I would love to help you sell your home.  I try to keep my commission costs reasonable while including professional photography, signage, lockbox, marketing all over the internet, etc.  

My past experience has also led me to work with a lot of short sale properties. This is an emotional and stressful process and it is not to be taken lightly when selling a home. I work with compassion and empathy through this process and I have great resources for assuring all goes smoothly.  

I also have a great knowledge of Oregons Measure 49 properties. My reason for getting into real estate had to do with my parents want to divide their property and allow for their kids to build under Measure 37. As we all know, measure 37 was then ammended by Measure 49. After we got the Measure 49 approval I did the lot division on my parents property and learned a great deal about the process. Not only did I learn about how to do the lot division, I also learned a lot about new construction, septic, wells and a whole other range of great information that I can share with my clients when looking at lots and land.  

I have learned and retained a lot of information through my Real Estate career and I would love to be able to assist you in selling or buying your home.
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Susie Jurgensen
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